Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thing # 12

Thing 12

I love google tools! I have my calendar is color coded and very organized! I use the calendar all the time! I made one of my events for the next week!

I found Alerts a new useful tool! I love how I can be alerted when something new comes up about something I am interested in. It kinda reminded of another RSS tool. I set daily alerts for some of my favorite stars and things I pay attention to in the community! 

Thing # 11

Thing 11

I was asked which method of finding feeds was the easiest to use, I did not find that one was harder than the other just that some are more user friendly. I am accostomed to the use of google. I use google e-mail and I tend to always use google.

The tool which I found the most user friendly was Technorat. It offered a broader search range as well.

Cool cat had very insightful posts. I enjoyed reading about experiences from other teachers. I found a blog from a first year teacher which made me laugh and made me think of how I would handle situations inside my own classroom. I found reading her experiences very insightful. I found very strange blogs as well. I found another blog oriented around a 4th year teacher and it was strange material posted that had no theme or useful meaning behind it.

I did not find any of the search tools confusing just harder to navigate through. The hardest I found to navigate through the searches was the goole search even though I knew how to use it.

Thing # 10

  • Thing 10
RSS and newsreaders are very effective uses of social media. I find that both of them are extremely helpful for organization and media management. I tend to delete e-mails that I receive then want to go back and read them or simply do not have time to check the news all the time. When I do get the chance there is already something new posted and I missed what was new earlier. These RSS and newsreaders allow me the chance to go back and see what I missed. It helps me mange the way I use the internet.

These tools allow me to mange and organize my internet use for my personal life. These same tools are useful for the classroom as well. I could create an account that only follows the tools I use the most on the internet. 

Teachers could easily share using these tools. Teachers could as take advantage of this technology to help organize the tools they use on the internet and making sharing these tools with other professionals easier.  Reader. Why have a public page? To share your blogs with others.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Thing # 9

Visual Poetry -
Thing Number Nine
For this post I was to use Image generators to create several different images and to understand they different web sites. I like Image Chef. I used it to create the heart sketch on Notebook paper with I heart teaching. I clicked on an image that already had writing on it. Then I was prompted to write what I wanted the image to save. I was also allowed to pick the color and font for the image. I found that creating these images were rather simple. I enjoy editing photo's like this. I could use this tool to create motivational posters inside the classroom.

Thing #8

APSU 23 Things Clara Brainard Thing 8 by clarabrainard
APSU 23 Things Clara Brainard Thing 8, a photo by clarabrainard on Flickr.

This Picture is from the mashup I liked the best. I love putting together puzzles and I though it was very neat to be able to make my own virtual puzzle with what ever image I want to for free. This Mashup is called Jigsaw. This would be neat in my classroom if I that the ideal assistive technology. They students could put together pictures from topics being discussed in class to learn history about the event or photo. 

Thing # 7

APSU 23 Things by clarabrainard
APSU 23 Things, a photo by clarabrainard on Flickr.
Thing Number Seven. My puppy Dingo in the sunshine!

Flickr: Your Photostream by Yahoo is a web 2.0 tool that I have never used. I played around on the website and look at public pictures. I also downloaded the app to my cell phone to up load the picture so that I did not have to plug in my phone into a public computer. I do not think I can think of many ways to use the tool inside a math classroom. Unless I was posting results of crafts done in the classroom with out the students in the picture.

Thing #6

I found a awesome Web 2.0 tool. It is called! This website has you come and create an account. After creating an account you then can go on missions for stars. As an instructor the kids would not be allowed to pull up missions that are not related to school. The game asks to play with your friends as a class we would play together. This would create a community. Then I would set up a community mission. The children would then be able to use the Internet as a search tool to find the answer to my questions as well as their textbooks. When the students use the Internet to find the answer I will be able to determine if they used a reliable source to find the answer because they will be able to link the source to the answer. As the students finish missions which could be questions, web searches, quizzes, and much more, they get a star. The more stars the students redeem the better prize or points they will receive from me. I could use this as an assignment or reward program. This could be used to help with instructions for gifted students even ADHD students. This will keep them busy if they finish their work early and the rest of the class is not distracted. This is neat Web tool and their are so many more like this! Technology will help further education in ways that were not possible ten years ago.

Thing #5

For Thing #5 I was asked to take note of my reaction to my readings and the determine what school 2.0 means to mean and to the future.

I was reading the articles and I read how technology can be called at tidal wave of information and it stuck with me while I was reading the rest of the information. I then thought about what school 2.0 meant to me and I decided that it meant the transformation to making learning endless and more intense than ever before. As technology advances the limit on information becomes increasingly endless. The future of education is growth and advances in every level of any and all education programs.

Thing #4

Thing number 4 is about the importance of blogging. I will talk about comments that I made on other 23 things blogs, the comment I have received on my blog, and the comments I made on other outside blogs.

Commenting on a blog allows for a group of people who share opinions or enjoys hearing someones point of view to interact with each other. This creates a community of people who are all truly interested in the same subject. It is always important to remain positive even when disagreeing with the blog through commenting. 

The first point I would like to make about my reading for this post is the Blue Skunk Blog's writer Doug Johnson's point that writers like to know that they have been read. If they did not want feedback they would not post their personal feelings on the internet. 
The second point that I would like to make is edublogger makes me see how a non response to a comment may not seem very friendly to the person taking time to read my work. I will always try to comment back to a reader. 

My 7 Blogs
  • Houston Thiel- On Houston's Blog Post Thing 1, I commented on the similarity me and him are both experiencing starting this project. This lets him know that we both may be able to provide similar insight on Web 2.0 tools.
  • Rachel Funderburk- On Rachel's thing number four, she talks about the importance of meaningful comment. Rachel left a meaningful comment where I knew she read the whole blog and spent time to think about my point of view.
  • Chassity Haplin- In Chassity's thing number two so talked about technology being popular with teens and learning. I furthered her content providing an example of my grandfater using technology to learn. 
  • Jared Morris- On Jared's post he talked about how is avatar reflected his personality and I share a common interest. We share the common interest of baseball.
  • Holly Hudson- Holly said she didn't get creative creating her blog name and avatar. I was not creative with my either. I gave encouragement that we both make our next blog more creative that our first! 
  • College Candy- This blog is designed to attract the college student audience. The blog talks about the main topics and concerns of college students; style, love, lifestyle, entertainment and body. I comment on a photo of style expressing my interest in the outfit. 
  • Inner Child Fun- This blog was titled 5 biggest obstacles to crafting with kids. This blog provides tips to avoid the biggest obstacles to crafting with kids. I commented on the blog and told the author that I was thankful for these tips and inside these tips there were fast crafts with the kids that I found very useful.