Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thing # 10

  • Thing 10
RSS and newsreaders are very effective uses of social media. I find that both of them are extremely helpful for organization and media management. I tend to delete e-mails that I receive then want to go back and read them or simply do not have time to check the news all the time. When I do get the chance there is already something new posted and I missed what was new earlier. These RSS and newsreaders allow me the chance to go back and see what I missed. It helps me mange the way I use the internet.

These tools allow me to mange and organize my internet use for my personal life. These same tools are useful for the classroom as well. I could create an account that only follows the tools I use the most on the internet. 

Teachers could easily share using these tools. Teachers could as take advantage of this technology to help organize the tools they use on the internet and making sharing these tools with other professionals easier.  Reader. Why have a public page? To share your blogs with others.

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