Monday, February 4, 2013

Thing #6

I found a awesome Web 2.0 tool. It is called! This website has you come and create an account. After creating an account you then can go on missions for stars. As an instructor the kids would not be allowed to pull up missions that are not related to school. The game asks to play with your friends as a class we would play together. This would create a community. Then I would set up a community mission. The children would then be able to use the Internet as a search tool to find the answer to my questions as well as their textbooks. When the students use the Internet to find the answer I will be able to determine if they used a reliable source to find the answer because they will be able to link the source to the answer. As the students finish missions which could be questions, web searches, quizzes, and much more, they get a star. The more stars the students redeem the better prize or points they will receive from me. I could use this as an assignment or reward program. This could be used to help with instructions for gifted students even ADHD students. This will keep them busy if they finish their work early and the rest of the class is not distracted. This is neat Web tool and their are so many more like this! Technology will help further education in ways that were not possible ten years ago.

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