Monday, February 4, 2013

Thing #4

Thing number 4 is about the importance of blogging. I will talk about comments that I made on other 23 things blogs, the comment I have received on my blog, and the comments I made on other outside blogs.

Commenting on a blog allows for a group of people who share opinions or enjoys hearing someones point of view to interact with each other. This creates a community of people who are all truly interested in the same subject. It is always important to remain positive even when disagreeing with the blog through commenting. 

The first point I would like to make about my reading for this post is the Blue Skunk Blog's writer Doug Johnson's point that writers like to know that they have been read. If they did not want feedback they would not post their personal feelings on the internet. 
The second point that I would like to make is edublogger makes me see how a non response to a comment may not seem very friendly to the person taking time to read my work. I will always try to comment back to a reader. 

My 7 Blogs
  • Houston Thiel- On Houston's Blog Post Thing 1, I commented on the similarity me and him are both experiencing starting this project. This lets him know that we both may be able to provide similar insight on Web 2.0 tools.
  • Rachel Funderburk- On Rachel's thing number four, she talks about the importance of meaningful comment. Rachel left a meaningful comment where I knew she read the whole blog and spent time to think about my point of view.
  • Chassity Haplin- In Chassity's thing number two so talked about technology being popular with teens and learning. I furthered her content providing an example of my grandfater using technology to learn. 
  • Jared Morris- On Jared's post he talked about how is avatar reflected his personality and I share a common interest. We share the common interest of baseball.
  • Holly Hudson- Holly said she didn't get creative creating her blog name and avatar. I was not creative with my either. I gave encouragement that we both make our next blog more creative that our first! 
  • College Candy- This blog is designed to attract the college student audience. The blog talks about the main topics and concerns of college students; style, love, lifestyle, entertainment and body. I comment on a photo of style expressing my interest in the outfit. 
  • Inner Child Fun- This blog was titled 5 biggest obstacles to crafting with kids. This blog provides tips to avoid the biggest obstacles to crafting with kids. I commented on the blog and told the author that I was thankful for these tips and inside these tips there were fast crafts with the kids that I found very useful. 

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