Sunday, March 24, 2013

Thing #14

Thing 14

For thing fourteen we explored the use of mind maps and flow charts.

I enjoyed exploring these websites. I am a very organization person. I tend to make a lot of lists for myself when studying or organizing my time proficiently.

In the photo above I showed how I have organized my assignments for the week. As I complete the assignment I can remove it from the chart. This is a simpler way to keep up with my assignments. I currently write out my assignments in my planner by due dates. With the use of this site I can see all my assignments for the week on one simple page.

On the Mindmeister page I was just clicking and adding bubbles and I began to think about how I could have the students create their own notes and charts from a lesson with simplicity. All the tools I have came across this semester make a teachers work easier.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Thing # 13

Thing 13

I found that using the Zoho writer to be just as easy to use as sending an e-mail. I have never used this program before. I have used google docs before in high school. I took web design and as a class we set up google accounts. We then shared goggle docs to share HTML text that we discovered and thought would be useful for the rest of the class. This was a very exciting experience inside the classroom. Google Docs allow for students to have access to networking inside the classroom. I have also used google docs for a project outside of the classroom. I was in FBLA in high school and competed in digital video production with two other people. When we started the project we ran into an issue of a member not having Microsoft word and could not open documents that we had created. I suggested typing our materials inside a google doc and then we could all add or change the document and it would never be lost! The judges at the competition were very impressed with our tools to create the video because they had never used google docs. I personally can think of many different ways to use these tools inside the classroom with sharing, grouping and inspiring the students to make their own discoveries. I personally prefer using google docs over Zoho. I prefer google docs due to the simple fact that I have more experience using google docs. In zoho I created a document with an image of me and my mother with pretty fonts telling the date, and google docs is easier for me to do that with than zoho was.