Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Is it really the end or only the beginning?

Thing #DONE

23 Things APSU

I believe this has been my favorite project I have done in college yet! I loved learning about all the web tools that will make my future easier!
My favorite tool that we discovered this semester is the live binders. It wasn't the most creative tool but I think it will be the most useful for me!
This program has given me the tools that I need to be a lifelong learner. With all the tools I am now aware of I can use these tools to learn something new everyday!
I will walk away having complete my first blog! I have enjoyed all the tools and I am walking away with confidence that I was not expecting to come so fast.
I like the format of the 23 things experience. I think photo tools could be combined, other than that I wouldn't change my experience!
I believe that with the tools I have learned this semester I will be able to use technology more than teachers that received their education before the technology boom. I will always record and share my ideas!
I plan to keep up with the developments in web 2.0 tools! I will visit the APSU 23 things blog and read future students comments on tools. I have also subscribed to be updated by each of the tools that we have used this semester.
My resolution will be to check new blog postings at least monthly for APSU 23 things. I will also create my own blog according to grade level and subject for all my future teaching paths. I will update it with lesson plans and how the worked out for me in the classroom. I will update this future blog weekly.

Thing #23

Thing #23

Creative Commons (CC)

Creative Commons makes teaching easier. It allows for a teacher to use someones work in the classroom without getting in trouble! With the way copyright laws are today it is amazing that sources can still be used today without a lawsuit. In the education world it would be silly to "recreate the wheel" or keep creating the same materials to teach students with. I am glad that some people understand this concept of sharing for the future of tomorrow. In thing 20 we had to share a video that was not our video this is an example of creative commons.

Thing #22

Thing #22

Live Binders

I like live binders! It reminds me of my favorite site to visit Pinterest. It is like a virtual place to keep things you like. It allows ideas to be saved into one certain place. You can have binders of resources on certain standards, project ideas, educational websites, and blogs! This is the most useful source we have used to organize materials yet!

My Binders were
Project Ideas
Projects Resources
Math games

Thing #21

Thing #21
I like the idea behind Animoto, but I did not like using it. I found the loading slow and a lot of the features did not work properly. I would rather use Imovie to combine music and pictures. I have made several videos using Imovie for remembrance videos and such. I did like the video it produced and it was easier to choose a theme than I movie but it is a useful if apple computers are not available! My video is liked to the following:


Monday, April 29, 2013

Thing # 20

Thing 20

You Tube

You Tube is a very powerful site. There are tons and tons of videos! The millions of videos are about millions of things. There is no limits on you tube. This is dangerous for students. Without these limits and restrictions on you tube I would never suggest having students search you tube for anything. However you tube with the right uses can be a very powerful educational tool. There are videos about everything! With the use of video concepts can be taught with very different styles and approaches for explanation. I found this video on you tube. I began searching many differnt things from music to my future classroom when I found this video. It is a video of steve Jobs explaining rules for success.

Watch this video

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thing # 19

Thing 19

After being accepted into the teacherpop Ning I uploaded two photos to the Ning. (I will also upload both photos to my blog) I also commented on another post. I found that the Ning is useful for more than my networking with other teachers. I began to think about how I could use a Ning for the students. If you created a Ning for students use then you could allow for networking inside a school or grade. Use of a Ning allows for a safe place for students to use online resources outside of class to talk about school. A Ning could also be used as a school newspaper. This would allow students, parents, and faculty to upload and update the Ning about events and other things happening inside the school.

Photo One is a photo about numbers and education.

Photo Two is about hashtags on Twitter related to eduation.

I find that the social media world is very broad. There are so many sites that involve that use of social media. I really like Pinterest which is a social pin board. It is similar to teacherpop. On pinterest there is an education board where teachers and other professionals can pin different websites and ideas for others to see.

One of the suggested sites that I explored was Project playlist. I really liked this site. It was useful and neat. I liked the variety of music that I could listen and stream.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thing # 18

Thing 18

Social Media

I just recently joined twitter since I started my newest job. We use twitter as a promo tool. Which can also be used inside the classroom. Teachers can have a twitter account for the classroom. The students whom have a twitter can follow the class and see assignments and reminders about due dates and more!


I am not a fan of facebook. In the past year facebook has changed in my opinion. It went from a tool to help communication to a tool that is dangerous for some to use. Kids can be bullied on facebook and twitter. Facebook has become more of a website to record all your life, an autobiography.

Both of these sites allows for faster and easier communication with students parents and faculty for schools. Even though these sites can be used as a tool for education they still must be used with caution.