Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thing # 11

Thing 11

I was asked which method of finding feeds was the easiest to use, I did not find that one was harder than the other just that some are more user friendly. I am accostomed to the use of google. I use google e-mail and I tend to always use google.

The tool which I found the most user friendly was Technorat. It offered a broader search range as well.

Cool cat had very insightful posts. I enjoyed reading about experiences from other teachers. I found a blog from a first year teacher which made me laugh and made me think of how I would handle situations inside my own classroom. I found reading her experiences very insightful. I found very strange blogs as well. I found another blog oriented around a 4th year teacher and it was strange material posted that had no theme or useful meaning behind it.

I did not find any of the search tools confusing just harder to navigate through. The hardest I found to navigate through the searches was the goole search even though I knew how to use it.

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