Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thing #3

I registered my blog during class the other day. It was very simple.
I was asked to think about the different ways that I could use a blog inside of my future classroom and education program.
-students morning work
if resources are available, the students could use a blog to write a daily morning writing prompt to answer and submit their work.
-Networking with other teachers
a blog can be started and shared with all of the other teachers in the grade inside the school or school district. The blog could contain materials that could be of help for lesson planning and useful resources for assignments.
A blog can be started by me with my lesson ideas and thoughts. Then people all around the world can view and respond to my blog giving me constructive criticism and useful changes for my lessons.
I could read other teachers blogs to help better my classroom. I could read to find help keeping a student on track with assignments. Also if a teacher has found a useful way to keep attention or manage I could read about it through her blog.

Thing #2

Thing number two began with creating the blog and an avatar. Both creating the blog and the avatar was easy enough to do with a classroom for the grade I would love to teach. This would be simple and innovated way to incorporate daily writing assignment in with technology, to change up daily tasks. I am then asked to answer the following questions:
  • What previous experiences do you have with blogs, reading or writing?
  • How did you decide on your posting name and the name of your blog?
  • What was your experience in creating the blog? Was it hard for you or easy? Why?
  • How does your avatar reflect your personality? Did you create an avatar that looks like your real self or someone totally different? Why?
I have never written a blog before. This is a first for me. I have kept a diary before though. Which is very similar to the blog idea. I also have watched blogs and youtube channels from other people though. I find the whole concept interesting and intriguing. 
When I kept a diary I always began my entry without a title but a date. I also began the the diary with they typical dear diary starting. 
When I kept the diary I was so excited about starting a diary. I was given the diary for Christmas and I even made a new years resolution to write in my diary everyday for one the whole year. ( I was eleven around this time) The beginning I remember carrying my diary around always writing in it. Then several month went by and I noticed that I was forgetting to write in my diary. School had started back I was busy keeping up with school work instead of writing in my diary all the time. So at times it was easy for me then at others it was a little bit harder to keep with my goal of writing all day. 
My avatar was created like me. The hair color is mine. I picked the clothes for my avatar by being creative with the available options that I liked. I picked to have a puppy sitting beside me because of the puppy that I recently rescued. 

These questions made me think about how I could keep a diary now using technology to keep the availability of when I can write in my diary limitless. I could download an app on my phone or set up a private blog. 

Thing #1

Thing 1 of the 23 things for education 3070 had me view a presentation about the 7 and 1/2 habits of highly successful lifelong learners. I was asked that while I was previewing the presentation to write down which of the habits is the easiest for me as well as the hardest for me. 
As I reached Habit 6 I knew that I had found which of the Habits were the easiest for me. Habit 6 is use technology to your advantage. Just the other day I was talking to my boss and I was asked a question what a word in a song meant. I was unsure and instantly I picked up my Iphone and I clicked my goggle app and typed the word into google. I then told my boss the meaning of the word. Technology has made knowledge limitless for me. I have often thought about how different learning would be if I did not know how to use technology to the fullest advantage. I would wonder a lot more often than I do now that is for sure. 
I had to click back through the habits to find the hardest one for me. I then decided that Habit 1 was the hardest for me. Begin with the end in mind. I found this one to be the hardest for me because I know that I want to teach math, but when I am asked if I am going to retire teaching I am often not sure how to respond. I do not have a set end point for myself, which makes this habit one the hardest. I have considered what it would be like to teach for several years in middle school then move to administrations or to the collegiate level but, I do not want to sent and end for myself because I do not want to limit myself to what I can achieve.