Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thing #16

Thing # 16

This blog post asks me to create a start page, online calendar and to do list. 

Start Page--

I choose iGoogle to create a start page. I choose this site to create a start page with because it is the search browser that I use and also my e-mail. It seems more practical to use the browser that I already use to organize my online materials. I will continue to use google and now that I have created my start page I will set this start page and my home page on my personal computer. I like having this start page as a tool. 


I again choose to use google to create a calendar of events. Google provides all of these tools that help create simplicity for the users. Since google offers a way to organize my self and an abundance of tools to help keep me organized. Calendars online offer alarms and reminders for the events that are scheduled on the calendar. Reminders provide a way to plan and remind yourself at one time. This agains allows my work to be simplified. 

To Do List--

For the todo list I did not find these tools as useful as the tool I currently use to list all the things I must complete. I currently use notes and reminders apps on my iphone. These two apps together provide me organization with the To Do List and the Calendar combined. I currently do not plan everything everyday that I need to do. I use the to do list concept for long term planning more than everyday planning.

 I think that all three of these tools are tools that simplify the life of a teacher. If these tools are brought and explained to teachers I believe that it would allow teachers to plan with organization. I would suggest that everyone have a online calendar that connects with a smart phone or just on a computer that is used daily. 

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