Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thing #3

I registered my blog during class the other day. It was very simple.
I was asked to think about the different ways that I could use a blog inside of my future classroom and education program.
-students morning work
if resources are available, the students could use a blog to write a daily morning writing prompt to answer and submit their work.
-Networking with other teachers
a blog can be started and shared with all of the other teachers in the grade inside the school or school district. The blog could contain materials that could be of help for lesson planning and useful resources for assignments.
A blog can be started by me with my lesson ideas and thoughts. Then people all around the world can view and respond to my blog giving me constructive criticism and useful changes for my lessons.
I could read other teachers blogs to help better my classroom. I could read to find help keeping a student on track with assignments. Also if a teacher has found a useful way to keep attention or manage I could read about it through her blog.


  1. All of your ideas are awesome! I hadn't even thought of making a blog for other teachers to give me constructive critism, especailly a college grad teacher. Also the morning problem is a cool idea. If the resources are available, you could have alot of fun with that like have online scavenger hunts or 5 minute game days. there are so many online games for countless subjects. There are even websites where you can make your own games, even simiple crossword puzzles or partner games.

  2. Clara, I like your ideas concerning the ways for using a blog. Having a blog group for an individual grade, school, or school district would be great. Not only could teachers communicate back and forth with one another concerning topics and plans, but teachers could also track a student's progress in following levels. This blog would serve as a tool for a teacher to measure their success and evaluate their instruction. Teachers could even give a heads up to other teachers concerning students that were about to enter their classrooms through a blog. They could let another teacher know what areas a student needs special attention or where that student is ahead of the game.

  3. I really like your idea about the morning writing assignment. I think students would like using a blog to do their assignments rather than use paper and pencil. Great idea!

  4. Clara I love the idea of using a blog for a daily writing promtp and having the students respond to it with their work. That would be a good way for the student to be able to do the work right away if computers are handy, or on their own time and for the teacher to be able to quickly read through the blog and give instant feedback instead of having to collect jornals or papers read them and then give feedback possibly days later.