Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thing #2

Thing number two began with creating the blog and an avatar. Both creating the blog and the avatar was easy enough to do with a classroom for the grade I would love to teach. This would be simple and innovated way to incorporate daily writing assignment in with technology, to change up daily tasks. I am then asked to answer the following questions:
  • What previous experiences do you have with blogs, reading or writing?
  • How did you decide on your posting name and the name of your blog?
  • What was your experience in creating the blog? Was it hard for you or easy? Why?
  • How does your avatar reflect your personality? Did you create an avatar that looks like your real self or someone totally different? Why?
I have never written a blog before. This is a first for me. I have kept a diary before though. Which is very similar to the blog idea. I also have watched blogs and youtube channels from other people though. I find the whole concept interesting and intriguing. 
When I kept a diary I always began my entry without a title but a date. I also began the the diary with they typical dear diary starting. 
When I kept the diary I was so excited about starting a diary. I was given the diary for Christmas and I even made a new years resolution to write in my diary everyday for one the whole year. ( I was eleven around this time) The beginning I remember carrying my diary around always writing in it. Then several month went by and I noticed that I was forgetting to write in my diary. School had started back I was busy keeping up with school work instead of writing in my diary all the time. So at times it was easy for me then at others it was a little bit harder to keep with my goal of writing all day. 
My avatar was created like me. The hair color is mine. I picked the clothes for my avatar by being creative with the available options that I liked. I picked to have a puppy sitting beside me because of the puppy that I recently rescued. 

These questions made me think about how I could keep a diary now using technology to keep the availability of when I can write in my diary limitless. I could download an app on my phone or set up a private blog. 

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