Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Is it really the end or only the beginning?

Thing #DONE

23 Things APSU

I believe this has been my favorite project I have done in college yet! I loved learning about all the web tools that will make my future easier!
My favorite tool that we discovered this semester is the live binders. It wasn't the most creative tool but I think it will be the most useful for me!
This program has given me the tools that I need to be a lifelong learner. With all the tools I am now aware of I can use these tools to learn something new everyday!
I will walk away having complete my first blog! I have enjoyed all the tools and I am walking away with confidence that I was not expecting to come so fast.
I like the format of the 23 things experience. I think photo tools could be combined, other than that I wouldn't change my experience!
I believe that with the tools I have learned this semester I will be able to use technology more than teachers that received their education before the technology boom. I will always record and share my ideas!
I plan to keep up with the developments in web 2.0 tools! I will visit the APSU 23 things blog and read future students comments on tools. I have also subscribed to be updated by each of the tools that we have used this semester.
My resolution will be to check new blog postings at least monthly for APSU 23 things. I will also create my own blog according to grade level and subject for all my future teaching paths. I will update it with lesson plans and how the worked out for me in the classroom. I will update this future blog weekly.

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