Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thing # 19

Thing 19

After being accepted into the teacherpop Ning I uploaded two photos to the Ning. (I will also upload both photos to my blog) I also commented on another post. I found that the Ning is useful for more than my networking with other teachers. I began to think about how I could use a Ning for the students. If you created a Ning for students use then you could allow for networking inside a school or grade. Use of a Ning allows for a safe place for students to use online resources outside of class to talk about school. A Ning could also be used as a school newspaper. This would allow students, parents, and faculty to upload and update the Ning about events and other things happening inside the school.

Photo One is a photo about numbers and education.

Photo Two is about hashtags on Twitter related to eduation.

I find that the social media world is very broad. There are so many sites that involve that use of social media. I really like Pinterest which is a social pin board. It is similar to teacherpop. On pinterest there is an education board where teachers and other professionals can pin different websites and ideas for others to see.

One of the suggested sites that I explored was Project playlist. I really liked this site. It was useful and neat. I liked the variety of music that I could listen and stream.

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