Sunday, March 24, 2013

Thing #14

Thing 14

For thing fourteen we explored the use of mind maps and flow charts.

I enjoyed exploring these websites. I am a very organization person. I tend to make a lot of lists for myself when studying or organizing my time proficiently.

In the photo above I showed how I have organized my assignments for the week. As I complete the assignment I can remove it from the chart. This is a simpler way to keep up with my assignments. I currently write out my assignments in my planner by due dates. With the use of this site I can see all my assignments for the week on one simple page.

On the Mindmeister page I was just clicking and adding bubbles and I began to think about how I could have the students create their own notes and charts from a lesson with simplicity. All the tools I have came across this semester make a teachers work easier.

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